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"(Porter) projects his life into these images with his incisiveness...a symbol bearer.  His thoughts, feelings, longings and fears are laid out right there - bare in front of us. You just have to keep looking." Raoul Manuel Schnell, Photographer

TRYPTICHS. 3rd Avenue Gallery, Vancouver, Canada 

"Porter's eye for the fantastic (as in unreal dreamlike) conquers all. His work...shows the true art of photography. The relationship between the mind and the lens. Since they evoke such surreal contrasts, they provide renewed hope -for me anyway -in photographic respect for capturing a moment...."    Mary Francis Hill, Artist

"Porter’s quirky, narrative and often magical and mysterious photographs … are startling visions of ordinary objects placed against unusual backgrounds that look like illusions but, in fact, are not.”    Elissa Barnard, Arts Critic

"Certain images continue to stay with me in an unusually haunting way. Rather than punching one in the face, as though desperate for attention, [Porter's] photographs instead have a subtle, sometimes gentle way of slipping into one's consciousness. They are particular images, framed and captured by a particular man ..." Jim Jarmusch, Filmmaker

"Porter's images are simple truths - moments directly captured in time and place ... like dreams or fantasies, they evoke an understanding that beyond the confinements of the world we live in there exists a spirit and passion in the everyday..." Michael Bjornson, Artist

"..[Porter] .isolates objects found in nature or in the industry of man's manufactured environment transforming the ordinary into the elegant and beautiful...assemblages of (Porter's) work demonstrate his humour and his thoughts through the juxtaposition of the images..." Intrawest Press Release

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