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Backstory Urbania (Select)


Article Brad Wheeler

Urbania pt. 1


Article Jonah Brunet

URBANIA pt. 1.5 


Article Mollie Cronin

Urbania pt. 1

Exhibitions | Honours

Solo Exhibits, National and International


Lens Culture, Magnum Photography, Featured Artist-Evening Stroll, Istanbul, June 2020


CONTACT Photography Festival, Between Takes: Image Factory, Toronto, Canada 2019  


Image Factory, Urbania pt. 1.5: Ryerson School of Image Arts, Toronto, Canada 2019  

Lens Culture, Magnum Photography Awards, Contrivance: Editor's Pick 2018  

Lens Culture, Magnum Photography Awards, Tormenta: Editor's Pick 2018  

NS Arts Gala, Commissioned Work 2018  

Lunenburg School of Arts, Urbania pt. 1: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 2018  

Photographer's Forum, Best of (publication) 2018  

Lens Culture, Magnum Photography Awards, Meat: Editor's Pick 2017  

Life Framer, Editor's Pick: Scaffold 2016

Lens Culture,  Magnum Photography Awards, Scaffold:Editor's Pick 2016  

Lost work recovered 2016  


Dis.Cord Gallery, Carousel: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 2016  


Ellis Gallery, Urban Stillife:  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 2015   


Completed Collections, Works in Progress, & Negs Lost 2007*

           (Artist did not exhibit again until 2015)


Studio 21 Fine Art Gallery, Hindsight.Triptychs,: Halifax, Nova Scotia  2005  


Studio 21 Fine Art Gallery, On Display: Halifax, Nova Scotia 2004   


Houston North Gallery, Roadworks: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia 2001  


Third Avenue Art Gallery, Beyond the Bosphorous: Vancouver, B.C. 2001  


Bruchaus Gallery, Hindsight: Munich, Germany 2001  


Third Avenue Art Gallery, ‘Introspective: Vancouver, B.C. 2000  


Third Avenue Art Gallery, On Display: Vancouver, B.C. 1999  


Third Avenue Art Gallery, Open Doors: Vancouver, B.C. 1998  


Jeff Gallery, Recent Work: Los Angeles, CA 1995   


LA Nikola Gallery, Recent Work:  Los Angeles, CA 1995   


I’dee Art Gallery, Environments: Toronto, Ontario 1994   


The Art Centre, Northwest State College, Florida City, Florida, USA 1986   


Ryerson Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 1986                   


Group Exhibits, National and International


Black & White International Award Winner, Honorable Mention, Spazia Tetanal,  Rome, Italy. 2016   


ArtBasel, t(here): Miami Beach, Florida, USA 2016   


Chester Arts Centre , A Shade of Grey. Contributors: Thaddeus Holownia, Raoul Manuel Schnell.

           Contemporary Fine Art B&W Photography: Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada 2015   


Studio 21 Gallery, Photoworks: Halifax, NS, Canada 2000  


Houston North Gallery, Four Artists, Four Mediums:  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 1998   


Anderson Gallery of Contemporary Art:  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Canada 1998   


t(here) Magazine, Volume 13  2016   

Projections 7, Cahiers du Cinema, John Boorman & Walter Donahue(editors) 1997  

Film Credits (Select)   Director of Photography

Zed Crew, Dir. Noah Pink 2014


Relative Happiness, Dir. Deanne Foley 2014  


The Disappeared, Dir. Shandi Mitchell  2012  

It- Rich Aucoin  Dir Noah Pink 2011

Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.E- Rich Aucoin Dir Noah Pink 2012


Rollertown, Dir Andrew Bush 2011,  


Just Buried, Dir. Chaz Thorne 2011 


Whirligig, Dir Chaz Thorne 2007

Film Credits (Select)   Lighting Director

Brokeback Mountain, Dir. Ang Lee, 2005


Coffee and Cigarettes(Twins Segment), Dir. Jim Jarmusch, 2002 


Dirty Pretty Things,Dir. Stephen Frears, 2002


The Shipping News,Dir. Lasse Halstrom, 2002


King Sunny Ade,Music Feature, Lagos, Nigeria 2000


Ghost Dog,Way of the Samurai, Dir. Jim Jarmusch, 1999


Bis ans Ende der Welt, Dir. Vim Wenders, 1999


The Tango Lesson, Dir. Sally Potter, 1997


Breaking the Waves, Dir. Lars Von Trier, 1996


Deadman, Dir. Jim Jarmusch, 1995


Kids,Dir. Larry Clark, 1995


Beyond the Clouds,Dir. Michelangelo Antonioni/ Wim Wenders, 1995


Mystery  Train, Dir.  Jim Jarmusch, 1995


Down By Law,Dir. Jim Jarmusch, 1986 

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